Google+ ALLHACKD: June 2013

Hack Facebook Gmail Yahoo using Keylogger

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Intro Keylogger:

After finding and searching many site for keylogge, i got some well known easy to use keylogger.
some keyloggers are paid but some are free to use.
Keylogger, hmm if you don't know any thing about keylogger than let me explain,
keylogger are some software or application program which can store every keystroke typed by keyboard
also can capture screenshot. we can access all store keystroke by physically or remotely. ( remotely means
software send all data by particular server or by email.

Type of Keylogger:

There are two type of keylogger.
1. Hardware keylogger

2. software keylogger

 Here is the list of my top 5 free undetectable keylogger softwares:

5. 007 Keylogger

007 Keylogger is one of the best computer monitoring software which allows you to secretly record all activities of computer, including all areas of the system such as email sent, Web sites visited, every keystroke (including login/password of ICQ, MSN, AOL, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger or Webmail), file operations, online chat conversation, and take screen snapshot at set intervals just like a surveillance camera directly point at the computer monitor.
This program is sharewere and you need to buy it, but don't worry. After searching a long time for a serial number i finally found one that works :) After you install the software, insert the serial number and you are ready to use it.

create popup window

Thursday, 6 June 2013

  Popup window is an extra window it's open in load on page or click on mouse and many other type now we will learn how to add click on mouse open popup window in blogger.
bcoz many times popup window is useful for hacking tutorials
   Take some screen shot:

1. login to blogger then click on layout option.

2. click on add Gadget option.

3. add HTML/JAVA SCRIPT Gadget and type following code in it.

<script type="text/javascript">

document.body.onclick= function(){'your web address', 'poppage', 'toolbars=0, scrollbars=1, location=0, statusbars=0, menubars=0, resizable=1, width=650, height=650, left = 300, top = 50');

o     Note 1. - your web address'  Replace this with your Web url (web address)

 Note 2.-   width=650, height=650  You can customize Window size.

Now save your Template your popup window is ready

Use Whatsapp on PC

Sunday, 2 June 2013

       There is one famous application on Google store "Whats-app"  I used it, I spend many time chating with friends , but during these days i dont have time im busy in blogging work on PC. I dont have time to take cell and type a message and that's make me feel very bad..
so i staring finding a way in which i can operate whats-app during  work at a some time and finaly i got some thing intresting(trick),
By using these trick now i can operate  wattsapp on computer so I can chat with friends during my work.

To Run Whats-app on PC, We will Require Android Emulator, Android Emulator Helps us to Run Whats-app on PC.

Step 1:  Youwave And Bluestack Are the Two Android Emulator which enable us to Run Whatsapp or any other Android App on PC.

Step 2:  If you Go for Bluestack then Download and install it, then run the Bluestack and Click                
on " Apps "
Then Click on the Tab " Social " and select " Whatsapp " and Install it.

Step 3: If you Go for Youwave which I am Using On My PC then just download  and install.
Now download Whatsapp.apk and move the downloaded file to PC directory.

To Check PC's Directory, Open Youwave click on help > Instruction. Now move your 

whatsapp.apk file in to that directory . Then Click on View then Redraw Icons.

Now You will see Whatsapp icon .
After Installing Whatsapp on Youwave or Bluestack you have to enter Mobile number which is not used earlier For Whatsapp account.  Then they will take 5 Minutes to verify and will send you Code.
Enter that code and thats all.

Disable/Delete victim's Antivirus

     Many times i attack on victims computer even i send many Malware, Spyware, Keylogger, Phishing file to victim. but still  many of my attack detected  and  denied by victims AntiVirus. and now im  bore to facing these fucking AntiVirus software which always denied  my attack.

      BUT these time none of any AntiVirus can stop me by attacking, because these time im attacking on
victims AntiVirus . these can be possible becouse AntiVirus software is nothing but just a pice of  programing(batch programing) so we can modify these by using batch program. these batch program will stop AntiVirus by detacing harmful program or software. so after these trick we can attcak on victims computer successfully. If you people facing same problem then use theses trick.

steps for attack :-

1. download batch programing text file from HERE.
    (Im just upload text file which contains batch program so it cant work till modify it.)

2. Now open zip file and get text file, copy that code and save as antivirus.bat
    (just dont execut it on you computer. only save)

3.  now send that executable file to victim by email, or portable hard drive or pen drive,

now if victim double click on it and if exeicut it then victims antivrus will stop working.