Google+ ALLHACKD: August 2013

How To Block Youtube Ads ?

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Most of you get bored or annoyed due ads playing before youtube videos. Today i will share with you an amazing peace of programme called Block YouTube Ads . It removes all video ads before and during videos, as well as removes all those ads that pop at the bottom of the screen while the video is playing. It works on all major browser such Internet explorer, google chrome and mozilla firefox.

How to do ?

  2. Double click on download file.

  3. Follow the on screen instruction.

Advance Matrix Effect Using Notepad

How To Create Matrix File ?

  1. Download the source code from here, i can't post on blog.


  2. change the file format from txt to bat as matrix.bat  (.bat is must)

  3. Done enjoy !!

World trade center attack on notepad

As some of you might be knowing that the flight number of the plane that had hit World Trade Center on that dreadful day (9/11) was Q33NY. Now call this trick a coincidence or anything else but whatever it is, it does startle us. you will be definitely amazed by the this trick.

First open Notepad and Type “Q33N” (without quotes) in capital letters.

Increase the font size to 72.

  • Change the Font to Wingdings.