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Enhanced aim hacking in Counter Strike 1.6

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Enhancedaim is one of the most advanced and reliable Counter Strike 1.6 Hack for Counter Strike. Enhanced aim hack is the paid hack but Hacking loops has cracked it with debug log for you guys so that you can enjoy it.
The features list of the hack is just endless. Enhanced aim has all the advanced features like aimbot, wall hack, ESP hack, No flash, No smoke, auto shoot, speed hack, bunny hop, anti HL guard etc.. And the most important thing is that its undetectable at all VAC secured servers. Panic key is also provided in it so that you can close the hack at any time when you feel it gonna be detected.

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Full Features List of Enhanced aim hack for CS 1.6:
Aimbot System
*Auto Aim Automatically aim at target.
*Auto Shoot Automatically fire at target.
*Hitbox Aiming System Aim point selection system.
*Bone Aiming System Aim point selection system.
*Field of View adjustment Permit a limited angle for aimbot to aim.
*Aim Key Specify an aimbot toggle key.
*Aim Smooth Specify speed of aimbot for human style.
*Aim Team Aim at enemies or teammates.
*No View Change Causes aimbot to appear invisible on your screen.
*Auto Wall Automatically shoots at targets through penetrable objects.
*Non-sticky Aiming Humanized aiming.

*Aim Knife Aimbot specifically made for knife.

Visual System
*Extra Sensory Perception Draws name, weapon, box, and distance on players.
*Chameleon Skins Renders different colors on player models based on visibility.
*XQZ2 Wall Hack Draws player models through walls.
*Ball Hack Draw colored objects on player models.
*Lambert Brightens up player models.
*View Glow Draws metallic finish over hands and weapon.
*Full Bright Brightens the entire map.
*Night Mode Renders dusk setting.
*White Walls Renders all walls white.

*No Sky Removes the sky.
*No Flash Removes the flashbang effect.
*No Smoke Removes smoke puffs.
*Perfect No Recoil Removes recoil completely, improving accuracy.
*Perfect No Spread Removes spread completely, improving accuracy.
*No Roll Removes bop/dink effect.

*Auto Pistol Makes pistols fire as automatics.
*Spin Hack Causes user to appear to spin uncontrollably.
*Bunny Hop Automatically jump continuously.
*Speed Hack Allows user to increase their run/shoot speed.
*Thirdperson Hack Allows user to play in the third person.
*Panic Key Disable hack with push of a button.

*In-Game Menu Adjusts values in-game with mouse driven menu.
*Virtual Key Binder Assign any key to perform hack functions.
*Configuration System Save and Load profiles.
*Guides Detailed guides to configure hack for any style of play.


How to use this hack is given in the Readme.txt file inside the rar.

I hope you all have liked it... If you have any queries ask me in form of comments.